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About Broad Highway Recovery & Intervention Services

Broad Highway Recovery is a nationwide addiction intervention, recovery monitoring, and consulting company located in Richmond, Virginia (VA). Our commitment is to the family and their loved ones struggling with substance abuse issues. Our mission is to guide families through the entire recovery process . That process involves education, planning, finding the right facility, intervention, transport to treatment, monitoring of the treatment experience, aftercare and transitional living after treatment and at least six months, and up to a year of monitoring to ensure the best possible outcome for you or your loved one.

Drug & Alcohol Interventions

Do you have a loved one that is suffering from a drug and/or alcohol addiction and is unable or unwilling to seek help on their own? If you have tried unsuccessfully on your own to get that individual the help they desperately need , then an intervention may be the only chance you have of saving that persons life. Broad Highway interventionists help the family and the addict through the ENTIRE RECOVERY PROCESS. The actual event where we address the addict face to face as a group is only one part of the intervention. Going up against the deadly and cunning disease of addiction that is robbing you of a loved one and robbing your loved one of life takes a good solid plan and We guide you through that plan every step of the way. After we plan and execute the intervention and your loved one enters treatment, we continue to work with the family for up to a year to ensure that your loved one completes inpatient treatment and continues to move forward into recovery.

Addiction Interventions in VA and AZ

You don’t have to wait until your loved one hits bottom. By then, it could be too late. About 350 people a day hit bottom and don‘t bounce. They die.Sam Davis, CAI (Certified ARISE Interventionist)

Complimentary Addiction Assessment

We understand how overwhelming it is to find the right facility for you or your loved one. The internet alone is flooded with drug and alcohol treatment centers claiming to be the one that can help achieve a life of abundance, free from addiction. How can one possibly know which one to choose? When you call Broad Highway for a drug and alcohol treatment referral, you will immediately know that the person who answers the phone is very passionate about making sure they recommend the best facility for the individual in need. We will narrow your search down to three drug rehab facilities based on the information that you provide. Each call is confidential, and each caller will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion.

About Broad Highway Recovery

We are a full-service addiction intervention group based out of the Richmond, Virginia area. Led by Sam Davis, CAI, BRI - We help families nationwide find drug rehab and addiction treatment. Our commitment is to make the intervention process as seamless and successful as possible. If your loved one is totally lost in their addiction - we will help them find their way.

Broad Highway Commitment

We are interventionists that are 100% committed to helping families who are willing to go to any lengths for their loved ones and begin the recovery process. Please call us today, and take the first step towards a new and bright future on the broad highway of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Stop Enabling

At Broad Highway Recovery, intervention involves stoping the vicious cycle of enabling. We have developed a great resource for helping you to better understand how enabling effects the situation, and why it is so important to change the cycle. Please use this article as a resource, so you can make smarter addiction intervention decisions in the future... (read more)

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