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Welcome to our Intervention Blog – where our interventionists share success stories, recovery thoughts, and much, much more…

The Family Illness

A dozen or so years ago, I was a pest control operator, which is the newer, more acceptable term, for an exterminator. The work, of course, was unrewarding, but I have always appreciated learning, science, and biology, so I found studying life- and the removal of it- […]

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Jeff Gould – Beating the Odds

A writing from Jeff Gould’s blog – one of our trusted interventionists here at Broad Highway Recovery & Interventions: Some years ago, the local Arizona newspaper had an article on ‘recovery’ (written tongue-in-cheek) and with that article, they printed some statistics that they felt supported their expose, […]

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Broad Highway Recovery – FIRST POST!!!

And so it begins… We hope to provide you with some serious news-worthy intervention information on our blog.  Stay tuned for updates! Thanks for checking in and we will get back to you soon!

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About Broad Highway Recovery

We are a full-service addiction intervention group based out of the Richmond, Virginia area. Led by Sam Davis, CAI, BRI - We help families nationwide find drug rehab and addiction treatment. Our commitment is to make the intervention process as seamless and successful as possible. If your loved one is totally lost in their addiction - we will help them find their way.

Broad Highway Commitment

We are interventionists that are 100% committed to helping families who are willing to go to any lengths for their loved ones and begin the recovery process. Please call us today, and take the first step towards a new and bright future on the broad highway of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Stop Enabling

At Broad Highway Recovery, intervention involves stoping the vicious cycle of enabling. We have developed a great resource for helping you to better understand how enabling effects the situation, and why it is so important to change the cycle. Please use this article as a resource, so you can make smarter addiction intervention decisions in the future... (read more)

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